Preliminary Agenda: The Aerospace Event, Washington, DC

May 10, 2023

The preliminary agenda for The Aerospace Event, to be held on October 9-10, in Washington, DC is now available.

Discussion topics by esteemed leaders will include:

- Changing Defense Markets in a Changing World

- The Future of Defense Industrial Base Policy

- Lessons Learned from Russia and Ukraine

- Budget Review and Defense Spending

- Why the U.S. Needs to Disengage from China

- What is the Future of Autonomy for A&D?

- Bringing Commercial Sustainment Practices to the U.S. Navy

- Alternative Propulsion Concepts: Myths and Realities

- Defense Zero: Sustainability and Defense Supply Chains

- Defense Supply Chain Resilience

- Aerospace and Defense Strategic Implications

Please join us at our second event of 2023.