Preliminary Agenda: 2024 The Aerospace Event, Washington, DC

May 31, 2024

The preliminary agenda for The Aerospace Event, to be held on October 14-15, 2024, in Washington, DC is now available.

Discussion topics by esteemed leaders will include:

• Changing Defense Markets in a Changing World

• A Political Perspective of Aerospace & Defense

• A Foreign Relations View

• More Than Just More: Big Changes in The Military Aero Export Market

• Which Military Aviation Budget Is It Anyway?

• The Future of Defense Industrial Base Policy

• U.S. - China Turmoil in an Unraveling World

• 21st Century Airpower: Two Visions

• The Emergence of AI – Implications for the Defense Industrial Base

• A Middle Market View of the Industrial Base

• Defense Supply Chain Resilience

• Aerospace & Defense Strategic Implications

Please join us at our second event of 2024.